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Creative Dance Classroom

cd on stage
Creative Dance on Stage


“I’ve been to a few dance studio shows in the past, but have to honestly say that I haven’t seen one with such professional and enjoyable performances as you put on this past Friday! It didn’t feel like a dance school, it felt like a real show and we enjoyed every minute of it!” 
Elvi (London and Lola’s mom)

vivian 3

Mini Movers

“I’ve been going through pictures for V’s 4th grade graduation and have come across so many of her at your Dance Studio, all with smiles, all with her doing something she has loved since this picture. All we want as parents is for our children to be happy, respectful, generous, and compassionate. She has learned all these lessons and so much more through your classes. Thank you for all you do.”
Dawn and Stacey

hh young 2

Hip Hop Street Jazz on Stage

“I sign up every year because I love dancing here and enjoy being with my friends”  Hip Hop Dancer, Age 11

Int. / adv. Balet Center Tendue

Ballet Class

“I danced and performed a lot growing up and studied ballet at Skidmore College. I think my daughter couldn’t be in better hands. Julie and Setsuko are the dynamic duo! Rigorous and classical technique and instruction offered in a fun and collegial atmosphere. We laugh a lot and applaud each other’s successes.”
Holly and Madeline (intermediate /advanced ballet)

cowgirls on stage

Tap on Stage

“Many of my fondest childhood memories were of being a student at The Dance Studio. When I wanted to introduce my daughter to dance instruction, I came “home” to the studio where I learned both technique and confidence. I’m thrilled to watch my daughter blossom under the creative and imaginative direction of Jennifer. It is a very special treat for me to observe my child’s appreciation for dance and movement being fostered my one of my former teachers. Though the location has changed, the inspirational, nurturing, and child-centered environment is the same.”
Aliciane Elkins

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